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Chugg Financial is imbued in the entrepreneurial spirit. We see around us opportunities to make life better and create profit. We have a number of active projects in development at various stages. We would like to discuss these with investors, other entrepreneurs, or possible clients.

Mortgage Funnel Automator

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A FinTech product to help mortgage lenders simplify and increase sales. It analyzes proprietary and non-proprietary data relating to homes and borrowers to identify and funnel interested, qualifiable mortgage clients to the lender by identifying both active and passive potential borrowers and then filtering those for borrowers most likely to meet the lender’s credit standards. It can also be directed to find the best opportunities in CRA communities. It can be used to verify and improve compliance with nondiscrimination requirements. This technology can be integrated into a partner’s app to enable active potential borrowers to self-identify for lenders.

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