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"Lance is truly a fantastic professional with an great eye for excellence in everything that he does. He did some excellent financial consulting work at both Medicis as well as American Water."

Christian Kaijser
Managing Director, Career Evolutions

"High performer! Always looking out in the best interest of the company over his own."

Ian Crooks
Director of Engineering, EPCOR

"I've known Lance a long time; he is hard-working, and loyal. He is diligent, and trustworthy. I recommend him with no reservations."

Cynthia Miller
Owner/Lawyer, Miller Law Offices

"Lance is a thorough and detail-oriented professional. I enjoyed working with him and greatly appreciated his dedication to protecting the financial interests of the company."

Thomas Williams
Engineering Manager Project Delivery, Arizona American Water

"Lance is amazing, besides all his business and finance knowledge, he is a linguist - English (of course) plus (verbal/written): French, Italian, German. (French best, he can translate contract documents.)"

Gloria D’Ambrisi
Executive Recruiter, RemX

"Lance has a strong understanding of costing and profitability from both the operations, middle management and executive perspective. Not a number cruncher, a results getter. Lance is driven to make a company more profitability. His collaborative skills are critical to his success and the trust people place in him. He's an outstanding team player!"

Jane Blake
Consultant/ President, MacDougall & Blake

"I had the privilege of working with Lance as a Strategy and Process Manager. He is self-motivated and success driven. He exhibits a sound understanding of financial principles such as cost accounting and activity based costing. Lance is superb at data analysis and financial modeling and is best at identifying waste in activities and helping teams re-engineer processes to be more efficient and effective. He helped my team of managers realize over $1 Million in expense savings in one year."

Lynn Crane
Financial Services Operations and Technology Leader, formerly Mutual of Omaha Bank

"I have known Lance for nearly 20 years in a professional capacity as well as being a friend. Lance has an intense capacity to analyze and solve problems facing today's businesses. As a sales manager for the state of Idaho, Lance, led the retail banks by helping the employees recognize the importance of relationship building, cross-sells, and participation in expanding our marketing program. Lance has always hustled and been a driver in our team's success. Lance is a motivated individual determined to always exceed expectations."

Rob Timmons
General Manager, Advanced Commercial Capital

"Lance is a well-versed and highly capable professional. I have worked with Lance of various projects and find him to be intuitive and practical, realizing the variety of obstacles to overcome in resolving issues. Lance is personable and puts people at ease. I am honored to offer this recommendation for Lance Chugg."

Eric A. Duthie
Town Manager, Taylor, Arizona

"Lance is one of those guys with the unique ability to step back and see the interconnectedness of the big picture while retaining the ability to comfortably dive down into the details. Lance is also a man of supreme character. He’s quick, smart, passionate and calls it like he sees it…while still being a friendly guy you enjoy hanging out with. I’d put Lance on my team any day of the week."

Jeremiah Grant
Business Valuation and Commercial Damages Expert, Arrowfish Consulting

"I met Lance for the first time in 2015 in New Orleans at the annual AMIfs Conference. He has been an excellent peer resource in terms of profitability and analysis. In 2016 we both participated in the AMIfs Annual Conference Planning Committee. I was so impressed with Lance's leadership, profitability knowledge and strategic thinking that I recommended him as a member of the Board of Directors for AMIfs and as a co-chair for the 2018 AMIfs Annual Conference Planning Committee. His contributions have been extremely valuable to this organization."

Angie DeWitt
Chief Human Resources Officer, Associated Bank

"Over the past couple of years I have had the opportunity to get to know Lance. I have worked with him in various capacities including Snowflake Economic Development committee and The Northern Pioneer Community College Foundation. In each of these roles I have seen how Lance can be forward thinking, hardworking, and a team player. He has always been honest, direct, and well thought out in his business dealings with me which I greatly appreciate. As a Snowflake Town Council member I have found Lance’s insight valuable and appreciate as he shares forward thinking, intelligent ideas on how to improve our community. Lance has continued to show he is an asset to any organization he works with and is great to work with."

Jason Whiting
Producer, The Mahoney Group