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Case Summaries

Chugg Financial is dedicated to building a more profitable future for our clients.  We do not measure our achievements by the number of tasks performed but by the impact we have made on our clients.  Whether they are a Fortune 500 Company or a startup or whether we are engaged to perform market research or analyze pricing, we consistently help them to become more profitable.


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We build a more profitable future for banks. For a mid-sized bank, we started with a costing analysis — a detailed timing analysis of every operational process. We used this to analyze product and client profitability and then to identify inefficient processes — opportunities to reduce operating costs. At the department level, we worked with the bank operations and improved processes. We developed KPI's for each team to identify improvement opportunities and monitor progress on the effectiveness of the improvements. Over time, we reduced annual operating expenses by more than 13%. Applying a similar data-driven and client-centered analysis, we examined fee and interest income to identify revenue leakages. We developed a project to re-implement our treasury services billing system and addressed process breaks, increasing fee income by over 12%. With better data to profile the details of client profitability and to understand client activity, our team proposed strategies for managing and monitoring profitability, attrition, and attraction to increase profits.


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